Wedding Today

My heart aches when I see transguys on Facebook.  I can’t watch the videos that I used to watch.  It’s not even that it reminds me of him; it just makes fills me with an overwhelming sadness.  Sometimes I cry.

I’m taking a Trans Identities / Issues course from my uni as part of an elective for my Master’s degree program this fall.  It’s online and taught by a transguy…..I hope this passes before I have to watch his vids (if he posts video lectures).  One cool thing is that this prof was asking for citation pages for the Hedwig movie screenplay, which I think is a fantastic sign as I’m an adherent of Teh Hedwig as well.

The wedding is tomorrow and we should be driving up today.  I’m sad because it’s in a rural setting like the boi liked.  I really want to just skip the reception and its love songs but Idk if I’ll be able to get a ride away from it.

My cousin is looking forward to seeing me.  We haven’t seen each other in about 8 years and even then I was so shy around people that I hardly talked.  We were close when we were little though.  She lived on a hill on the ledge of a creek and we used to slide down the red clay bank into the water.  Our fun-loving moms were fine with that and just made us bathe in our clothes afterwards.  She was sweet.  So I’m looking forward to seeing her and some of the rest of my fam.

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