Help Me Bring My Bestie to a Conference!

Hi folks,

I know I haven’t posted in awhile.  I’ve been busy with school and work (at the university).  I’m going for an MPA so I can work with nonprofits or with college students….in some capacity either writing or linking them up with the resources they need.

I’m still writing, though.  In fact, I’m READING my writing at the TRANSforming Gender Conference next month!  It’s in Boulder, Colorado and runs March 13-14.
Some of you know that I struggle with anxiety.  It’s getting better but it comes back to me in situations that are new….like on riding airplanes (haven’t done that since something bad happened) and meeting new people (conferences).  Hence, I’m raising money to bring my best friend Beth along with me for moral support at TRANSforming Gender.

If you can, donate or  share my link, my widget, and this post.

The link is  The widget is below.  Thanks, and be well! 🙂


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