With every person I tell this is becoming more real.

That’s all, really.

I just emailed my friend from PFLAG and added it to the bottom of the letter.  Wondering what her (supportive and fabulous, obviously) response will be.

Is it okay to be uncertain of some of the changes, even if I want my face to change?  Like, I’m genderqueer, and I like parts of my body.  I’m not sure if I’m going to be okay with everything but I hope it will balance out in the end.

Nervous about using mens’ restrooms already, if I go that far that I pass.



  1. Congratulations on the big decision! I think it’s definitely okay to have some uncertainties. It’s important to know what you’re getting into–what changes are permanent, etc–but a lot of genderqueer folks have forged their own transition paths, including hormones. I hope you find a supportive doctor who can help you get treatment that is right for you. 🙂

    • Thanks! Thanks for the support! I know, I feel so egotistical. “I don’t want to do it like everybody else does it.” – like other people don’t have their own paths, lol!

  2. No matter what anyone else says, everything is ok. The important thing is for you to be ok with yourself. If you feel more like yourself with every change, that’s all that matters. I do not know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in my own skin, but I do remember what it feels like to live a lie. You know your truth and although we do not know each other, I am proud of you and your courage.

    • Thank you! Your reply is very calming….think I’ll repeat “No matter what anyone else says, everything is ok” as a mantra for awhile. 🙂

  3. Courage and strength for the journey, friend. You hold your highest and best wisdom within you.

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