My City


My hometown.

The city lights crackle with excitement.

The air smells like salt and cod.

A stillness at dawn.

Oui, madame.  Come ca va?

Or, it’s the 60’s, Baby!

Your hometown can be one you’ve adopted as an adult or one you have lived-in since you were a wee one.

It is your birthplace.  Your birthright.

Your changes happen there, and you fall in love, not only with the people there, but with the city itself.

Portland?  It’s where people lashed out at me, but also where the songs of raspy-voiced singers echoed across the barren arena and through the trees.  Hometowns are complicated but undeniably magnetic places.

That’s why, even though you hail from the suburbs, you name your company after Detroit, after Seattle, after Vienna.

It’s what first enthralled you about life, and you’re willing to commute there just to be part of it.

We can paint your famous city landmarks on you.  And then photograph you with your personal fittings.

You’re a New Yorker.  You love the architectural wonders that the city has to offer.

Is your friend from Ireland coming to town?  We can paint you as the Chrysler building and him as the Blarney Stone!

San Francisco?  Golden Gate Bridge.

Minneapolis?  You send us a photo, and we can paint it on you.

It will be a sensuous, fun, and unforgettable experience.  Imagine it.  Your look and your feelings for your city emblazoned on your gorgeous body. 

Strong and elegant like the Eifel Tower.  Spanning and splayed like the Golden Gate Bridge.  However you like.

Come, it’s time for us to paint you.


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