Venture out into a world populated by swirling blue skyscapes, lovers floating in the air, waiting with a kiss.  An inchoate scream, or tribal designs that transform your canvas into a fiery masterpiece!

The canvas is silky or rough, dimpled or rippled and strong.  It moves as you move.  As you take a breath, it swells outwards.  As your breath settles, it becomes still again.  Your soft parts are its belly, its inner sanctum.  Your sturdier limbs are transformed, softened into clear blue sky, or the fingertips of trees.

You feel slightly cool, silky paint on your body.  A painter, smiling a smile that you immediately trust, asks, “Is this light enough?”  “What do you like or hate most about your job?”  “Ghost World?  I loved that movie too!”

You take a sip of wine as you chatter with your new collaborator.  Although he has come out from the shadows, you have the instinctive feeling that he has been doing this since childhood.  Jamie.  A soft-sounding name.  You cackle at his jokes, surprised by your sudden boldness.  You relax, and enjoy the experience.

Once he’s done, you’re more than just a person.  You’ve been transformed into a craft of your own making.  You are now art, ready to be shared with a select few.

You pose, and your lover’s eyes – your favorite pair of eyes – grin back at you.  They have been here the whole time, quietly supporting you in your venture.  You smile back, and Danny snaps a picture.

Bright lights muffled by a neutral background.  You’ve always wanted to be in a photo shoot!  Snap! Snap! Snap! 

Time drifts in and out as you pose, and a tender look passes on your face.  Thank you so much! You want to say.  Jamie catches your look, snaps a pic, and smiles back at you.  Tenderheartedly.  He knows.

As it’s finally time to put your clothes back on – oh how this feels like your natural outfit now – a wave of nostalgia passes through your body.  You’ll miss this place.  You’ll tell your friends about it.

And if they disbelieve, you have the CD to prove it.




This is something I wrote for a client; they thought it was too “50 shades of grey”-ish, so I’m stealing it and putting it up here.  Enjoy!


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