Before and After: A Survivor’s Tale of PTSD

Something I wrote about PTSD

Rock Bottom...Magazine

by Sam Allen

We’ve got something, we both know it. We don’t talk too much about it.

~ Tom Petty, Refugee

Make it clear that I’m in Stockton at this time, at the beginning of the story.

Make it clear when I’m talking about Portland and Stockton.

I’ve told this tale a thousand times.

I have choppy red hair like a boy. It’s slicked down on the front and I’m sporting sideburns. I’m

also wearing a blue gilt scarf, blue jeans, and a black t-shirt reading something sarcastic. I am

a boi. A noble creature not normally found on the busses of medium-sized American towns.

Stockton, California.

I am high on Coyote Grace, a group with Joe Stevens, a transguy who sings beautiful folk

songs about the times before, times when he was forcing himself to live as a girl. He cried,

and he’s a boy now, thanks to T…

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